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Paper Mache Rose - Aiba Fic - Happy Birthday @ Sonnet!

Happy Birthday, sonnet009! I know I’m a little late posting this, but just the same. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for your birthday, and I thought I would return the favor by writing you a fic. I apologize in advance for my Aiba characterization I haven’t played any otome all summer so I might be rusty. ;A; I hope you ejoy it just the same.

 ”What have you got there?”

"A present for Mommy!" Those chubby little fingers lift a paper mache rose toward him, and her lips peel back in a proud smile. "I made it myself in class, Daddy!"

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nadeshikoshiraishi replied to your post: A few of my favorite [Voltage] things …

For # 21 do you mean, Alan? Because Glenn’s not exactly mini ;3

LOL yes him haha

I was having a brain fart

Mini Glenn = Alan in my head I guess

A few of my favorite [Voltage] things meme - tagged by Tomey

Tomey tagged me for this, so even though I’m late, here it is! I think my answers are probably incredibly boring since I haven’t played any Voltage games this summer and I need to play catch up starting in August, but just the same.

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sweetvoltagebabe asked: Just wondering what your blog side picture is from. The Cat boy with the girl? It's really cute!

Thank you! And sorry for the late reply. It’s from Dandelion ~ Wishes Brought to You. ;3