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I just want to say to anon and anyone reading this blog, there is absolutely nothing pathetic about playing these games. There’s absolutely nothing pathetic about them helping you through hard times. Often people turn to fantasy worlds in books as a pick-me-up, and otome games really aren’t any different. Games in general aren’t any different.
If they do something for you, I think that’s great! After a horrible break-up in my past, I marathon read almost a hundred shoujo manga titles to make me feel better. It worked and I feel no shame in admitting it, because anything that brings you happiness isn’t pathetic in the least!

For those of you who haven’t seen my constant reblogs about this here’s some info for you. I really want this visual novel to get funded because it looks amazing and is made by amazing people. It only has three days to raise about $1,000 which, to be honest, seems a little improbable which is why I think everyone should be reblogging and funding this project today. 
For just a second I’m also going to do some simple math here. $1000 looks like a lot to raise in 3 days, but I’m estimating with the price of most of the tiers it will take between 25-40 people to get it funded. But that’s only if no one funds the higher tiers (and lets face it, who wouldn’t you fund the higher tiers? They have some super awesome tiers.) I’m about to be one of those 25-40 people and you guys should be too!
Go fund it here!
(You may not resume your regularly scheduled blogging)